How to add grammar checker in word 2013

Grammar checkers are important for any one who wants to improve their writing skills. They also provide some useful benefits like preventing spelling errors, checking punctuation problems and improving sentence structure. So, if you want to add grammar checker in word 2013 then follow the following steps in order to add a grammar checker in word 2013:

Why add a grammar checker?

We all use Microsoft Word on a daily basis. But if you are like me, it has become a serious task to write anything. I have tried many ways to improve my writing skills and after reading this article, I would like to share with you my experience and tips on how to add grammar checker in Word 2013 and other versions of Microsoft Word.

The first thing that comes into our mind when we think of improving is writing skills but there are many things that affect our writing skills such as using the right words at the right places, spelling mistakes etc. That’s why it’s important for us to add a grammar checker in MS Word so that it can help us out by telling whether we’re using correct English or not!

When you write an article, you usually don’t check it for grammar errors or spelling mistakes. That’s why we should add a grammar checker in MS Word so that it can help us out by telling whether we’re using correct English or not!

Benefits of using a grammar checker

When you use a grammar checker, there are plenty of benefits to be gained. First, it can be used on a regular basis. You can use the grammar checker whenever you write an email or make notes in Word.

Second, it can help improve your writing in general and give you some tips on how to do that.

Thirdly, this tool will also help improve your spelling by checking it while typing or even after the fact when finished writing something out.

Fourthly, this tool has numerous options for correcting any mistakes made with grammar issues such as sentence structure problems or punctuation errors made throughout the document being reviewed using its integrated feature set which allows users to choose their desired level of correction output based upon their individual needs for each project type (i..e., personal correspondence would require less correction than professional business documents).

Lastly but not least, the most important thing about using this tool is that it makes sure there aren’t any missing words within sentences before sending them off – saving time from having someone else proofread everything afterwards!

How to add grammar checker in word 2013

  • To add a grammar checker in Word, go to the Review tab and click on Spelling & Grammar button.
  • In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box, click the Options button.
  • In the Spelling and Grammar Options dialog box, check the box next to “Show grammar errors in spelling error messages” and then click OK.

Is it important to use a grammar checker?

While the benefits of using a grammar checker may be obvious, it’s still important to understand why using one is so beneficial.

  • Skill improvement: By using a, you’ll get better at recognizing mistakes in your own writing. The more often you use this tool and review your work with it, the more familiar you’ll become with common spelling and grammatical errors. This will help improve your overall writing skills over time.
  • Time savings: Using an automated tool like Grammarly means that you don’t have to spend time manually proofreading every single sentence in your document—or even select all of those sentences manually—in order for them all to be corrected at once by the app or program’s built-in spell checker. Instead, all that’s required is a quick click on whatever button (usually underlined in red) triggers Grammarly’s automatic correction process for that text block so that any mistakes within are automatically fixed before continuing onto anything else!
  • Contextualized corrections: Grammarly’s automatic spell checker can’t be fooled by what it thinks should be correct. While this might frustrate some users who want to use their own judgment to decide whether something is right or not, it’s a good thing when used in conjunction with other online proofreading services like This way, you can ensure that the corrections made by your automated tool are accurate and relevant to what you’re writing about in the first place!


In this blog post, we showed you how to use the Grammarly plugin for a grammar checker in Word 2013. We hope you found it useful!

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