How to Get Your Thoughts Together and Take Control of Your Life

If you often feel unable to collect your thoughts, have no positive emotions and are anxious for any reason, look for a solution to your problems in psychology. But to get the desired result – to take control of your life, feel inner strength and transform reality – you will have to work on yourself.

Why You Have No Strength and Energy

Therapists call chronic fatigue syndrome a frequent reason why people lack strength and energy. But this diagnosis is not the cause, but a consequence of improper thinking.

The psychological and physical are closely related. If you are in a state of a vicious circle, unable to perform even fun tasks, like playing at a live casino online or dancing to your favorite music, and unable to gather your thoughts, this is how the body reacts to what you have:

  • No desired goals for which you need energy.
  • No resources.
  • Energy is being spent on the wrong things.

If you’re feeling fear of change, anxious about the future, and constantly revisiting past experiences (especially traumatic ones), it’s time to collect your thoughts and change your life for the better.

How to Help Yourself Focus

Simple actions can help you focus. Think of a ritual and shift your attention to it, such as:

  • Do some squats.
  • Make a shape out of paper.
  • Count to 100 and back.
  • Recall the name of an animal for each letter of the alphabet in order.

When everything around you seems to be falling apart, don’t berate yourself for your inability to take control of your emotions and reason soberly. Try to look at the situation that is throwing you out of balance from a different angle.

Psychological techniques that will help reduce stress and find a solution in a difficult situation:

  • Try linguistic distancing. Talk about yourself in the third person. When “I” changes to “he” or “she,” the person spends fewer resources thinking about the situation.
  • Change the focus. Try to see what happened as a challenge rather than a failure or misfortune. Your task is to find a solution, keeping your mind calm and clear. Imagine that all this is happening in a computer game.
  • Go deep into thinking about the future so that you can gather your strength now. Imagine how you will assess today’s challenging situation months, years, or decades from now. From a distance, many setbacks seem less daunting. This distancing will help you quickly gather your thoughts and take action to achieve the results you want.
  • Agree with yourself that you will devote only five minutes to a boring, but necessary job or an unpleasant task. That’s enough time to get down to business and go deep into it, without abandoning what you’ve started. You may not get the desired result immediately, but at least begin to perform the task and put your thoughts in order;
  • reformulate the goal. Perfectionism is a way to focus on the desired result, but not an aid in getting your thoughts together. Don’t set a goal to succeed; rather, shift the focus to your efforts (“I’ll do my best”). To succeed by all means is a destructive attitude.

These simple steps toward inner harmony will help you feel your inner strength, get your life in order and begin to act to achieve the results you want.

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